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Sika Deutschland GmbH

..... Ideas take Shape

The company

Sika is a global company with a total of almost 90 production and marketing companies in 70 countries. Sika is active in the field of specialty chemicals dividing its activities into two business areas: the Construction Division and the Industry Division.


The Sika Industry Division specializes in a complete range of PUR- and EP-systems for the area of tooling comprising of:

2-component- resin systems 'Biresin',

board materials 'SikaBlock' and

the associated system building-blocks.

The tooling division of SIKA develops and produces customized products for pattern and mould construction, foundry system and rapid production.


The product life-cycles on the market are becoming shorter and shorter with the result that the development phase must be as inexpensive and short as possible. Conventional methods in model building and designing are therefore increasingly being supplemented with innovative technologies such as rapid prototyping and rapid tooling which guarantee that the models and tools are quickly available.

The products of SIKA are useful for Soft Tooling of Dies, Punches etc. SIKA has introduced a large variety of products that are useful for every possible application in Foundry, Automobile, Jewelry, Die manufacturing, Shoe Sole manufacturing, Artistic article manufacturing etc.



Sika Product Groups SikaBlock ® and Biresin ®

Block materials and Model pastes
The suitable system for any application.

- Model- and Tooling boards

- suitable Adhesive and Filler systems

- Model pastes

A wide range of application-oriented system solutions consisting of special SikaBlock ® block materials and the associated Biresin ® Adhesives and Fillers can be used for many applications in the construction of master model , design, styling and cubing models as well as for diverse moulds, foundry patterns and other manufacturing tools.

Biresin ® Model pastes are tailor-made pro-ducts for making joint-free design, styling and cubing models and diverse moulds in high quality.


Vacuum Casting resins and


Complicated mouldings quickly made.

- PUR-Vacuum Casting systems

- Low pressure RIM-systems

For classic rapid prototyping our Biresin ® Vacuum Casting systems based on polyurethane are suitable. They simulate the majority of characteristics of the thermoplastic series materials.

The same applies for the product group of the Biresin ® Low pressure RIMsystems, which are processed with the help of 2-component-mixing and metering machines.

Because of very short demoulding times the LP-RIM-casting is suitable above all for serial production.


Gelcoats and Laminating systems

Together they are strong.

_ Gelcoats

_ Laminating systems and

Multipurpose resins

Key factors for the Biresin ® Gelcoats are easy processing and a sufficient resistance to external influences.

Biresin ® Laminating systems and Multipurpose resins can be used in different stages of manufacture in the constructions of models, negatives, moulds and tools. Catchwords are:

laminates, backfill stamping and coupling layers.

EP- and PUR-Casting resins

Everything made in one casting.

_ EP-Casting resins

_ Heat-resistant Casting resins

_ PUR- and Backfill-Casting resins

_ Fastcast resins

The large range of Biresin ® Tooling resins can be used in many different ways. They are suitable for the quick and inexpensive manufacture of production equipment such as foam-, RIM- and vacuum forming moulds or foundry patterns and metal sheet forming tools.

There are also suitable casting resins for making auxiliary items such as master and core models or negatives.

The system selected depends on the casting procedure in question, e.g. mass casting, backfill or frontcasting.


Elastomeric PUR-Casting resins

Flexible also with regard to possible applications.

- Elastomeric Casting resins for mould making

- Elastomeric Casting resins for foundry pattern making

The range of elastomeric Biresin ® PUR-Casting resins includes high quality synthetic resin systems with a variety of shore hardness levels (Shore A40 - D70) and possible applications.

The soft elastic types are used for making flexible moulds and mouldings.

The tough elastic and tough hard types are suitable for shock resistant parts and abrasion resistant liners in foundry pattern making and special mechanical engineering.