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Finite Element (FEM) based Casting Simulation Software  

RWP, Germany is leading company providing finite element method simulation. The software WinCast is developed by Dr. Konrad Weiss, President of RWP, has a vast experience in foundry field. RWP-WinCast provides the full line of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which includes fluid flow, the cooling down and solidification, residual stress as well as stress coming from an exterior load, and a visualization of the resulting distortion. The results demonstrate the location of the last filling, last solidification and we can, therefore, predict any shrinkage and porosity and the distortion due to residual stress. The full line of FEA allows Simultaneous Engineering rather than troubleshooting.

FEM vs. FDM - Advantages  

Finite Element versus Finite Difference


To have a good geometry approximation with few elements means highly accurate results with short CPU times.

But this is only one aspect. Every foundry man knows that the ratio of surface and volume has an important influence on the solidification. With rectangular elements it is impossible to get a correct ratio of surface and volume even with an infinite fine mesh!


This is useful to understand the basic difference between the FDM/FVM and FEM methods. If we want to solve a differential equation using FDM OR FVM method the differential equation will be simply changed into a difference equation by dividing the geometry into an orthogonal grid because the FDM/FVM methods need a rectangular grid. Whereas by using the FEM method the differential equation will be solved by solving an equivalent variation problem because unlike FDM/FVM uses rectangular grid the FEM method uses nearly all the basic elements. If we take example of any geometry with constant wall thickness it is not possible to enmesh such geometry with a rectangular mesh. Moreover the disadvantage of the rectangular grid will be even more obvious when dealing with heat transfer problems, surface area is one of the important aspect of calculating heat transfer.


  • Quick Simulation Results
  • Precise and Reliable Results
  • Calculation of Productivity
  • Fast Realization of Changes
  • Prediction of Material Properties
  • Saving of Time and Costs in Development, Construction and Production
  • Thermography Results in Advance
  • Mold Filling
  • Solidification Analysis
  • Porosity Analysis
  • Residual Stress
  • Shrinkage and Deformation Analysis
  • Strength Analysis

This simulation tool helps you to reduce your costs involved in terms of time and money spent on taking trials for achieving the final sound casting from the design. With the help WinCast you can reach to stage where the first casting will be good casting.

Brief information about WinCastŪ Modules:  

WinCastŪ is a combination of pre processor, post processor and analysis. There are three main modules as

CAD data
Initial conditions
Boundary conditions
Material properties