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.......The Pioneer of Engraving Industry


Chuan Liang Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan has been manufacturing High Speed CNC Engraving Machines over the last 25 years and has earned a good reputation in the international market.

The machines are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by Chuan Liang and strict quality control is maintained to ensure that every machine that rolls out meets the needs of the customer.

Over the years Chuan Liang has developed various types and models of CNC engraving machines for 3 Axis, 4 Axis as well as 5 Axis simultaneous applications All the machine models are offered with spindles to work up to 40000-rpm to help in achieving Lower production cycle, Excellent surface finish etc .Special machines upto 1,00,000 rpm spindle are also available.



These machines are suitable for the applications like:

  • Precise charting (profiles), 3D photos (watermarks), Pattern rollers, Leather rollers,
  • Extremely fine hole processing, High-hardness materials processing (HRC 60°),
  • Optical guide plates and extremely fine font processing (0.2mm).


Engraving Machine Models


CL 2M Series : CL 2MA , CL 2MAR, CL 2MALR , CL 2MD , CL 2MDA



CL 2MA : Controller : LNC 600 ,3 axis
Travel : 200 x 200 x 150 mm
Spindle : 30,000 rpm , 1 KW
CL 2MAR : with 4th axis as Rotary
CL 2MALR : 4 axis machine with travel up to 600 x 200 x 150 mm


Controller: LNC 600 , 5 axis simultaneous
Travels: 400 x 200 x 250 mm
Max cutting: Dia - 300mm, Length - 170 mm
Spindle: 4.6KW, 30,000 rpm
ATC: ISO 25 x 16


40,000 RPM, Auto Tool Change, Auto Measurement and offset,64 MB program capacity, internet connection



5 Axis CNC High Speed Engraving Machine

Table size: 200 mm circular
Travels: 350 x 250 x 200, W +/-360, U+/- 120
Max cutting: Dia - 300mm, Length - 170 mm
Spindle: 4.6KW, 30,000 rpm
ATC: ISO 25 x 16

CL 3M Series : CL 3MA, CL3MAC, CL 3MAR , CL 3MACR, CL 3MC

CL 3MA : Controller : LNC600 , 3 axis
Travel : 400 x 500 x 180 mm
Spindle : 30,000 rpm , 2.8 KW
CL 3MAR: 3MA with 4th axis as rotary
CL 3MAC : 3MA with ATC ISO 25 x 16, Auto Tool Change , Auto measurement and offset
CL 3MACR: 3MAC with 4 th rotary axis a
3MAC with Mitsubishi 65M controller

Also available Mini CNC Milling machines - DIY series: CL DIY , CL DIY - 6

Optional Accessories