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  Welcome to CAMTEK  

During the year 1997 when CAMTEK was established many new technologies were being developed and made use of by the companies across the Globe but the  same were not easily available to the Indian industry. At the same time the services that were made available in the international market were adding to the costs of designing and manufacturing of the products that resulted in increasing the cost to the consumer manifolds. Moreover, the global market was not absorbing the products designed and manufactured in India easily. This led to a thought of introducing and making available those various technologies in India.

   The introduction of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling Methods helped in fast designing and developing of new products.

The Soft Tooling methods using various types of Tooling/Modeling boards as well as Resins & Hardeners resulted in reducing the cost of development.

The Introduction of High Speed CNC Engraving Machines helped in producing high quality components in various sectors like Jewelry, Watch Manufacturing, Shoe Sole manufacturing as well as designing and making dies for coin production. This was coupled with the 3D Artistic CAD/CAM software to help in quickly designing 3D objects so that the files could be transferred to the CNC machine for manufacturing process.

Recent addition to the product line is the PC based CNC controllers which gives flexible and economical solution to the machine manufacturers and the automation industry.

The endeavor of CAMTEK would be to introduce every possible new technology to the Indian industry so that it becomes stronger in the international market.